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Six Degrees has been providing onboard advertising and in-flight entertainment to South African airlines for over a decade. During this time, we have been at the forefront of the growth and development of the low cost airline market and the transformation of the in-flight entertainment industry in our country. It is our goal and ambition to work together with airlines in Africa to change the traditional in-flight entertainment offered onboard our airlines to a more inclusive, relevant and African composition


Providing first class in-flight entertainment solutions to the African airline market.

IFE Content Service Provider

As airlines connect passengers to their destinations, so Six Degrees is all about connecting them to engaging entertainment experiences onboard. We provide airlines with a complete package solution from sourcing local and international movies, onboard music, to IFE Lab Services and digital IFE hardware solutions to enable airlines to provide their passengers with the latest content and news.

International Movies

Together with our strategic Los Angeles based partner, West Entertainment, we have access to all the major Hollywood studios including pre-release movies.

Local & Regional Movies

We have an array of content suppliers for both Local and regional movies, short film and documentaries to suit the airline passenger’s tastes.

Onboard Music

We provide customized onboard music programmes based on the latest music chart hits, including up and coming local artists and specific genres.


Fun for the entire family. Our popular onboard games will keep you and your family entertained throughout the flight.

Onboard Safety Video’s

Onboard safety videos are an integral part of the airline’s brand and vital to passenger safety onboard.

IFE Magazines

We have strategic relationships with a number of in-flight magazine publishers to publish monthly IFE programming.

IFE Strategy & Programming

Aligning your airlines budget to your passenger’s in-flight entertainment experience and expectations can be daunting at the best of times.

IFE Licensing

We help ensure that all the content onboard is correctly licensed and that the fees are paid to the respective controlling bodies.

IFE Lab Services

Our MPAA certified IFE Lab based in Los Angeles has been built with the latest technology and industry best practices in mind. The dedicated IFE Lab caters for all airline systems including Zodiak, Panasonic, Thales, Rockwell etc.


Encoding and Transcoding for all airline IFE hardware systems.


Our editing team can make changes in-house to video content reducing the studio time and costs for any changes required to supplied content.

Voice Overs

We have a range of voice artists and expertise to suit your requirements.

Captions & Subtitling

We handle the translation and subtitling of content into a number of different languages to suit our clients and their passenger’s requirements.

IFE Systems Provider

Streaming content to passengers is fast becoming common with in-flight entertainment onboard airlines. This is an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional IFE installations especially for airlines operating in Africa which tend to have a number of different legacy systems installed on their fleet.

Onboard Wi-Fi Streaming

Installed and portable inflight Wi-Fi systems capable of streaming movies, audio programming, moving maps, digital news and magazines.

Digital IFE Players (DMR’s)

We are the African representatives of Donica’s digital DMR’s which are an ideal plug and play alternative to the legacy Hi-8 tape based players.

Digital PRAM’s

A convenient alternative to the tape based cabin crew onboard announcement systems providing airlines with digital convenience.

Tablets / iPads

We can load content and movies for short haul flights on mobile devices which are specifically suited for aircraft charters.

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