Our Advertising Division

Six Degrees specializes in advertising and branding onboard commercial airlines providing advertisers with the unique opportunity to connect with the captive audience onboard our airlines. We have a variety of mediums from which advertisers can choose to suit both the objective of the campaign and budget.

For prospective airlines we co-ordinate and manage the entire onboard advertising function allowing the airline to focus on their passengers. We enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with the airline to identify and grow ancillary revenue opportunities which amongst others includes advertising onboard and the placement of adverts within in-flight entertainment platforms.


Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

- Mark Twain

Airline Advertising

We have over a decade of experience in adverting onboard commercial airlines and continue working together with a number of airlines to generate ancillary revenues. This unique medium provides advertisers the opportunity to connect with a captive audience in a cost effective and targeted manner providing real measurable returns on their advertising spend.

Aircraft Exterior Branding

Watch your brand soar... Literally!
Place your brand on a moving billboard and watch your brand take to the skies.

Onboard Advertising & Activations

Advertisers can leverage off the captive audience travelling onboard our airlines and connect with them in a contained and friendly environment.

In-flight Magazines Advertising

We offer a single contact for all your in-flight magazine advertising.

In-flight TV Advertising

We offer traditional TV advertising and editorial content on both domestic short haul as well as international flights to suit your target market and budget.

Charter Branding

We have a separate division that provides bespoke branding for aircraft charters ranging from 737-800’s to business jets. Whether you require branding for an incentive group or a special business trip, no job is too big or small and each is tailored to your specific needs.

Aircraft Branding (Decals)

From a simple decal on the side of the aircraft to emblazoning your brand over the fuselage or tail section of your charter.

Tray Tables / Headrests

We can brand aviation compliant tray table decals and headrests creating distinct branding onboard your chartered aircraft.

Product Branding

We offer a number of airline specific products relevant to your charter which can be branded to create that extra special level of attention.

Executive Charters

For that Red Carpet experience rent out our executive option.

Bus / Coach Advertising

Given the nature of this mode of transport passengers travelling onboard our busses provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to connect with them over an extended period of time given the nature of the mode of transport. The dwell time on your advertising supersedes almost all other forms of media which ensures significant brand recall and awareness.

Onboard Advertising & Activations

Given the inherent nature of travel on our coaches the majority of the passengers are usually in for the long ride. Leverage that to the max.

Onboard TV Advertising

We put together the entire content programming providing advertisers the opportunity to place their advertising throughout the bus trip.

Product Sampling

Captivate the passenger’s senses. A unique way in which to get your brand into the hands of your target audience.

Strategic Relationships

We are always looking to partner with 3rd parties to provide passengers travelling on our coaches with value-added benefits.

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